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How to Find the Tijuana Border Fast Pass Lane?

The Border Fast Pass Lane begins on Calle Segunda before the light at the bottom of the bridge where the regular border line extends. The Fast Pass lane is its own lane on the right separated by concrete dividers. There are also Medical Services signs that mark this lane along with the blue "With Pass Only" signs.It is sectioned off with concrete dividers.

Continue up the hill, paralleling the regular border line on the left. Stay in this lane as it parallels the regular border line, up the hill and over a bridge and then on the left is the booth. Pull up towards the booth and give the official your Border Fast Pass.

NOTE: Even if you see cones in the lane, it is NOT closed. Pull up and the officers will come out of the booth.

Save Time Crossing Back into the U.S.

What is the Border Fast Pass?

The border fast pass program, officially called FastLane, but commonly called Fast Pass, is a single-use coupon that gives you access to a special lane designated for tourists. You will still need to present the necessary documentation to U.S. border officials.

How much time can I save by using Fast Pass Lane?

This lane will significantly reduce your wait time to get back into the U.S. Reports say the wait on average is 30 minutes or so, but officials say the goal is a 15 minute wait.

What border crossings have a Fast Pass lane?

Only the San Ysidro border crossing has special Border Fast Pass lane at this time.

Where is the Fast Pass lane located?

On Calle Segunda, you will take the far right lane that is sectioned off by concrete dividers and parallels the regular border line. Look for the blue signs that say "With Pass Only" and the blue signs that say "Medical Services." After going up the bridge, you will see a booth with an official who will take your Fast Track pass and give you access to the lane. What a breeze!

How much does it cost to get a Fast Lane pass?

The pass is free once you had your consultation in our clinic Dental Spaña,we only require information about how many occupants are in the car and your license plate number.

Will there be more Fast Pass lanes in the future?

Currently the Border Fast Pass program is a pilot program. If the lane is a success, more lanes will be added.

Is the FastLane like the SENTRI lane?

It is similar to the SENTRI in that you can cross the border faster, however there is no background check and the pass is only good for one crossing.

The Marriott Hotel is where to stay when visiting our clinic, with special rates and free transportation to and from our clinic from the hotel.

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